Seven Zonatas

by Thomas Frykberg

Released 2016
Released 2016

About my music….

I listen to and love all kinds of music, and all kinds of music inspire me - as long as
it touches my heart. This makes it very hard to label my music. It is close to jazz,
classical and ethnic and very close to my heart - it is all this, but this is not all…….

Welcome to Seven Zonatas !

1 Fairytales (4parts) 9.45

2 Cartoons (7parts) 9.14

3 Bollywood blues (5parts) 9.55

4 Paris 1900 (5 parts) 9.50

5 The globetrotter (5parts) 9.49

6 Friends in mind (7parts) 10 00

7 Life lines (3parts) 9.33

All music composed, arranged and performed by Thomas Frykberg n©b 2016.
Recorded at studio Singlehanded. Mixed by Thomas Frykberg and John Orvell.
Mastered at Frekvens Stockholm. Artwork by atj productions. Thanks to Christer
Tord John and Inger.


Frykberg is superb as he incorporates the genre of smooth Jazz with many colorful flavors and textures and the listener is able to get a musical taste of the international world through this album. If you like Jazz music with smooth and relaxed vibes, then this is an album you will thoroughly enjoy.
-Trent C. and the Reviewer Team