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The pdf next to some tunes includes a score.
You may download my albums from Itunes or Amazon if you like,
but it´s much cheaper here, from my website.
If you happen to be in Stockhom you will find
physical albums at Petsounds, Skånegatan 53.


I was born 1945 in Stockholm,Sweden.I was the only child,and also a rather lonely child.

The first music that came to my heart was (according to my mom), the Co-co waltz
and the Tjakovskij violin concert, played from some raspy records. My mom played the piano really well,and she played a lot of classical music for me,and I loved it.
Later she took me to a terrible pianoteacher who hit my fingers with a stick
if I missed a note,and so I quit, and decided to explore the piano by myself.
I used to sit there for hours, trying out chords and melodies. And so it started.

My first band was a skiffle group back in the 50th,and I played the banjo.
I continued to play the clarinet and traditional jazz,then saxophone and experimental jazz and rock. Then followed classical training,piano, violin and music-theory, and so on.Non-classical music was strictly excluded and I was probably rather a difficult student. Thanks to all my teachers anyway, today I am more greatful for what they did for me.

After graduating from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm 1973, I joined different bands as a keyboardplayer. I started as a pro with the Opus 6 orchestra 1974, playing dancemusic(cowers and standards),entertainment and show music.This was my second university. And so I realised that composing is what I really,really wanted to do. An album of my own was released 1979. That year I allso started my appointment as a music teatcher and composer at the Academy of Dramatic arts. 1989 I started my homestudio,"Studio Singlehanded", producing and composing mainly for different media and theaters. So I am fairly familiar whith a lot of music from many traditions, and everything I´ve heard and love has influenced my music - as well as other arts and life itself. I retired from the Academy 2007, now I´m 100 percent devoted to my music.

"This is certainly not the faceless brand of smooth jazz that saturates U.S. radio. What Frykberg seems to be doing is finding a middle ground between smooth jazz and world music, connecting them together while leaving their specific qualities intact. It’s a difficult tightrope; too much of one can create an imbalance. However, Frykberg succeeds marvelously"
"A global outlook on music gives “Silent Words” its edge. For jazz to evolve, it needs an artist such as Frykberg to cut its shackles and roam free to other continents".
02/15/11  • Critique: "Silent Words" (CD) Albums  •  By Leslie Connors

"Thomas’ set of twelve songs contain a bright combination of instrumentation, melody, and rhythm. The songs are mostly four to six minutes in length. The fluid keyboards, pensive piano, world percussion, and jazzy incarnations are nothing short of miraculous. In fact, Sunshine Marathon does not race to the finish too soon—it slowly develops and unfolds throughout without any weaknesses. This is ideal for fans of world jazz, instrumental music, and a good time".
Review by Matthew Forss
Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

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